13 Reasons to Have Pet Insurance for Your Cat

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Pet insurance is growing in popularity as owners learn about the benefits of what having coverage for their pet can mean. Pet insurance can help pet owners pay for costly pet care when their pet becomes ill, is injured or even for wellness visits such as vaccinations.

13 reasons to have pet insurance? Here is the list:

1. You want the best for your cat.
2. You might not be able to afford a large, unexpected, expense.
3. Early diagnosis is critical. You want to be able to take your pet to the vet at the first sign of a problem, not wait until things get really bad because you’re worried about the cost.

4. You can see any licensed vet and know you’ll be reimbursed.
5. Trips to an emergency clinic or a specialist can be expensive. Pet Insurance covers both.
6. Many pet insurance companies offer discounts if your pet is spayed or neutered, if you have multiple pets on the policy, or if you pay annually.
7. Wellness care options help you pay for routine care items like flea control, heartworm prevention, and vaccines.

8. Need to have your pet spayed or neutered? Microchipped? A dental cleaning? Wellness care options can help pay for those too.
9. Chronic conditions, like allergies and diabetes, can be covered for the life of your pet.
10. Prefer eastern medicine or alternative therapies? Many pet insurance companies cover them!
11. You don’t want to have to dip into savings or rack up credit card debt to pay for your pet’s veterinary care.

12. Once your pet is covered, they’re covered for life. You don’t have to worry about them being dropped as they get older or if they have a lot of claims.
13. Pet insurance is flexible. Most companies allow you to select the coverage that fits both your budget and your needs.

As a veterinarian – I really like how pet insurance helps cat owners do the best for their cats without worrying about medical care costs. Most veterinarians have euthanized hundreds, if not thousands, of pets because their owners could not afford the care. This is the #1 reason I personally recommend pet insurance. It helps me give the best medical care for my patients.

Is Pet Insurance Right for you?

The best pet insurance offers coverage that’s broad enough for whatever care your pet needs and with enough options to get the perfect coverage for you and your pet.

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